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Exclusive! Out-of-the-Box Windows 10 Support From displaying installation progress on the Windows Taskbar, to pinning/unpinning your applications from the controversial Windows 8.x Start Screen, and pinning them to the Windows Taskbar, InstallAware gives you the best exposure for your applications through smart use of the latest technology. Now with Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 eco-system integration. Exclusive! Hybrid Installation Technology with InstantInstall Acceleration Your setups are immune to corrupted Windows Installer stacks on target systems (which would cause your setups to fail through no fault of your own), and best of all, you get to switch between Native Code and Windows Installer setup engines at runtime, as often as you need! When you use the Native Code Setup Engine, InstantInstall Acceleration delivers setups that install an order of magnitude faster compared to all other Windows installers. New! Free Unlimited Triple-Mode Web Updates Deploy an unlimited number of royalty-free application updates to your end-users. Plus, its possible to customize the update user experience - freely edit update dialogs, and tweak the update logic. Choose scheduled updates, or manual on-demand update checking, or automatic updates to guarantee that the latest version of your application always gets run and/or installed. Also ideal for building dynamically updated Software Bundles with your product. New! NET 4.6 Support Create .NET installations and distribute the .NET Framework, including .NET 4.6. Advanced compression reduces the size of the .NET Framework by up to 67%, simply by deploying the Framework with InstallAware - beating Microsoft's own best compressed sizes. Exclusive! Refined User Interface Deliver setups that display the latest visual themes. 17 unique dialog themes, non-rectangular setup windows, Flash and HTML billboards, and brand-new fading/sliding wizard transition effects make your setups more interesting and more interactive
  • Version du logiciel gratuit : X2
  • Systèmes compatibles :
  • Type de licence logiciel : Shareware
  • Langues disponibles du logiciel : Anglais
  • Architectures compatibles : 32bits/64bits
  • Auteur / Editeur du logiciel gratuit : InstallAware Software
  • Total des téléchargements du logiciel : 4560 fois
  • Logiciel gratuit publié le : 05 Janvier 2015
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