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Once upon a time there was a land of wonders ruled by Spring Princess. But later on her brothers - winter months - rebelled and decided to plunge the kingdom into eternal winter and cold. The Princess needs your help to set the country free from the cruel reign and restore peaceful atmosphere in the land. In Season Match 2 you need to go through a long journey full of riddles and abounded with puzzles so you will have to think over your every step. The reward is worth playing - lots of bonuses are waiting for you, without taking into consideration the most amazing animation you have ever expected. Click on the gems to destroy them and get closer to the artifact. To become the ruler of the country again, the Princess has to collect all the artifacts and you'll have to find them all. Drive the guard away and collect as many coins as you can because later you will buy additional time or hint for the money. Every level you are given a task to accomplish and there will be lots of opportunities to gain money and bonuses. Collect the required quantity of coins or other elements and you will win. Every next game you are given additional elements and a hint how to use them. Season Match 2 has the easy mechanic and everyone is able to play it - but only you can get the best score. This game is an excellent activity for leisure time and you will definitely enjoy the thrilling plot as well as these extraordinary characters. Break blocks, collect artifacts, find all the magic butterflies and flowers to bring the harmony back to the kingdom in the game Season Match 2!
  • Version du logiciel gratuit : 1.1
  • Systèmes compatibles :
  • Type de licence logiciel : Freeware
  • Langues disponibles du logiciel : Anglais
  • Architectures compatibles : 32bits/64bits
  • Auteur / Editeur du logiciel gratuit :
  • Total des téléchargements du logiciel : 1205 fois
  • Logiciel gratuit publié le : 13 Octobre 2015
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